Deer Woman Transformation

2' x 4' Deer Woman Transformation is a an echo of our shamanic heritage. The woodland creature, the Deer Goddess Diana, and the inherent beauty of the human body. *comes without watermarks

Deer Woman Transformation

Underneath the Cosmic Woman surrounded by the Zodiac is a black Madonna revealing the light and dark within everyone. The bright sun of love, the moist earth where seedling nestle.  

Sun Woman Transformation

2' x 4' Sun Woman Transformation is our Cosmic Woman as archetype; holy holy holy sings the spirit Sun around Her. An aspect of Sophia holy wisdom, She emanates Love and lawful harmonies. *comes without watermarks

Frida Kahlo as Goddess

2' x 4' Frida Kahlo as the Goddess. Frida is in full bloom, the earth, leaves, animals flowers adorn her red gown. Everything is Awake! Aware! The open eyes are consciousness. She is of the earth and represents artists, love, passion and power.  *comes without watermarks

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