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I am an artist, teacher and mentor of sacred & shamanic arts. I have spent a life-time supporting folks to ignite their creative spirit and explore cross-cultural traditions.

I work with women who are searching to give their life more meaning,  explore  spiritual traditions, dive into creative arts to empower themselves.

 Kristena West M.A. 

An Artists Life


Medicine Dolls & Dream work training

Includes Two Podcasts; Introduction to Dreamwork apprx. 30  minutes.  Comprehensive overview on the basics of dreamwork, how to set up your practice, journaling, categories of dreams, health dreams, precognitive dreams, daily review dreams, warning dreams, big True Dreams. This will get you started in your dreamwork, adventure forward! 


Medicine Women Lodge Consulting

Welcome to the opportunity to work with Kristena privately. Topics cover: Personal Development,  Life-Purpose, Creative Writing, Expressive Painting, Collage & More!

Sacred Arts topics include; Alchemy the Magical Arts of the Union of Soul, Shamanism, Learning how to Develop your Personal Healing Rituals. 


Healing the Body
Arts & Soul
Online Class

Is it time to support healing in your body? Want to explore dreams, learn art journaling, mixed media and contemplative arts?

 Learn tips and techniques for self-inquiry, using arts as a way of knowing. Begin your Transformative Journey learning to Heal your Body. 


Intro to the
Divine Feminine 

I have been studying, exploring and creating art around the theme of the Divine Feminine my entire life. My Master's in Transformative Arts & Consciousness graduation exhibit was based on Her Being.   

Getting to know the Divine Feminine is a gradual process, a relationship you develop over time. For Mystics, Shamans & Dreamers  
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Heroine's Journey
online class

Once Upon a Time the Fairy Tale as My Heroine's Journey. It's like going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry taking Creative Writing, Painting, Collage & More!


Finding Frida Kahlo
online class

Take our Fun Mixed Media self-study online ARt class. Let's Find Frida Together! Exploring this Women's Icon let's find out why Frida is World Beloved by creating Frida Art!


Earth Art Festivals 
online art class

Celebrating our third year world wide artists working creatively with the earths' festivals. Yeah! We open the beginning of September to Fall Equinox & Michaelmas.


Power Animal Retrieval & Art

online class

Do you want to authentically find your true power animal? Then join this class to learn the shamanic journey and learn the ancient sacred path of shamanic cosmology and learn about power animals, totem spirits and allies. You will also create an art piece with your power animal. 


Dream Song
of Olaf Åsteson 

a Nordic Initiation 

Online Class

The Dream Song of Olaf Åsteson 
a Nordic Initiation story: 12 day Painting & Dream workshop through the 12 Holy Nights
with Kristena West M.A. 

The Dream Song of Olaf Asteson is an ancient Norwegian Folk Song. Olaf falls asleep on Christmas eve and "sleeps" through the holy nights waking on January 6th epiphany: these "spiritual" poetic pictures form his initiation journey.


Calling All Artists
& Seekers!

Join my Facebook Medicine Women Lodge; An Artist's Life Community!

Learn creative arts & soul work: support, share, fun & freedom.


Who are We Becoming?

What am I passionate about?

What do I want to do?

Will it be worthwhile?

Will it benefit myself

and others?

Making Art as a daily practice is something that we all need, like breathing air. We all need creative arts in our life, as this brings us peace, relaxation and ease. Let's Get Creative!

What's Cooking in
Medicine Lodge Art Kitchen?  

Kristena's private work 

“Kristena is a shamanic practitioner,  using dreamwork and art to bring healing! Change your life and Book a private session, she's great!.”

— C. Martin M.A.

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