Shamanic  Journey  -Power  Animal Retrieval 

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kristena west m.a.

Power Animals address the issues of power in our lives--what situations we give our power away and why, and where we need power. They teach us what authentic power is, and how to use power effectively.

Power animals also gift us with health, protection, good luck and a reconnection to the Earth, our body and our ecstatic self. They are guardians of wisdom and can offer practical assistance in matters of our body-mind-spirit.

Totemic spirits are particularly interested in helping us align to our true purpose while re-connecting us to the the earth and her people.


Learning how to contact your Power Animals will bring you specific information about; problems, issues and life directions regarding all aspects of your life.

Power Animal Retrieval: is a shamanic healing which brings back the totemic spirit (or spirits) who will help us with our life issues.

The Animal totems are revered in both indigenous and religious traditions and are the primary story-tellers within the Creation Myths found all over the world.

These totemic spirits, or animal angels, as Plato called them, have mysterious and magical powers with which to help humanity. Everyone has a totem spirit that guards and works with them.

Spirit Animals  Totem Animals

We can receive alliances with the animal spirits or totems through the gates of dreams. Power animals are our allies who come to help and assist us in power, protection, sexuality, luck and joy and to reconnect us to our bodies and the earth.

On the first night of my women’s circle I have the students do a power animal retrieval for each other.  One woman, named Rachel, received a wolf as a totem spirit. Rachel was somewhat leery of this power animal, but equally curious and honored. She had her doubts about the reliability of her partner’s ability to really retrieve an animal power for her the first time out.


That night she had a dream. In the dream she is watching herself on a lonely cliff top, standing overlooking the night sky. From up behind her she sees the shadow of a giant wolf stalking her. She watches the wolf come up behind her unaware self...the wolf raises itself on it’s hind legs and puts his two front paws on Rachel’s shoulders. Rachel instantaneously was inside her body feeling the weight of the wolf’s paws, and feeling the hot breath panting against her neck.

The dream alliance with the male wolf was a profound synchronicity that helped Rachel open to the reality of spirit allies. As she continued to work with her totem spirit, she was given many other “synchronistic” events, gifts and dream wisdom teachings.

Power Animals & Totem Spirits 


         Totemic animal spirits are vast beings of enormous power. They are not just the representation of the animal here on Earth; they are also the guiding divine intelligence’s that direct the spirit being. As we apply ourselves to our own awakening—raising shadow patterns to awareness, recognizing internal sabotage behaviors, using our dreams and journeywork skills, choosing creative change—over time our relationship with our power animals will develop into a strong, profound, numinous connection that surpasses words to describe. The animals can help us with any questions or topics, including emotional pain, trauma, decisions, career, sexuality, and health.




Totemic spirits and teachers may speak with you either literally or metaphorically. The spirits can use words or telepathy. They may also use a metaphorical language with you. The soul understands archetypes, symbols, and metaphors easily, and the dreamtime is composed of this story form of words.


The thing we must always remember about spirits is that they are not human. They are not attached to our lives in exactly the same way that we are. We are immersed in the physical world and see things through this narrow viewfinder. Spirits see the big picture and know more information: unconscious, conscious, past, present, and future. They are not limited to our mode of seeing.

When I say that the spirits bring gifts, I don’t mean that once you journey and connect with your power animals you will have no worries, financial or otherwise. The spiritual world is not that interested in houses, money, and automobiles, although they recognize that we are very concerned with these topics. The spirits’ primary goal is reconnecting us to our spiritual heritage and purpose, which is entirely different than what we may have in mind at times.

Remember the old saying, “You will get what you need, not necessarily what you want.” When I am working with animal spirits and teachers in my personal life, I do everything I can in the world using all available resources, creativity, and action to accomplish my goal. Then if things are not moving in a certain direction, I journey to the animals, ask questions and ask for a ritual to get the flow moving again.


This work with power animals focus is to give you information and tools of self-empowerment. The idea isn’t to do shamanic work or dreamwork so the spiritual world will just take care of us. Quite the contrary. As we come out of our own denial and heal ourselves, we are asked to take on more responsibility for our selves, our communities, and the Earth.

Shamanic  Journey  -Power  Animal Retrieval 

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  • The Shamanic foundations of Fairytales, Myths & Creation Stories

  • Introduction to the Middle World

  • Shamanic Cosmology and interpenetration of Worlds

  • About Shamanic Drumming


  • An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

  • The Three Worlds

  • Opening & Closing the Sacred Space for Practice

  • The Shamanic Body

  • Creative Visualization - A Brief Example

  • The Practice of Journey work

  • Journey to Retrieve a Power Animal



  • Shamanic Practice to Honor your Power Animal

  • What is the nature of Healing

  • Creating a personal healing ritual

  • Draw & Paint your Power Animal

Shamanic  Journey  -Power  Animal Retrieval 

Online Class

Shamanic  Journey  -Power  Animal Retrieval 

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Painting your Power Animals 

This is my painting of the Goddess riding the Tiger, which is coherent with the Tarot card 10 Strength.

This painting holds power and intent. This is the first time going public, but I wanted to show the line of inquiry from serious intention for sacred art to a more light-hearted approach shown below. 

This was painted 10 years ago, and I had to **** photoshop out the breasts due to Facebook & Instagram restrictions. 

This is a mono-print that has a lighter intent

and some levity. It's also a lovely whimsical approach to honoring your power animal. 

Now this is recalling one of my favorite books as a child, "The Happy Stegasaurus" and is a Dragon in disguise. 

Shamanic  Journey  -Power  Animal Retrieval 

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